The Misfit Ray review: user-friendly activity tracker for light use

Misfit Ray Activity Tracker

A month ago I purchased a Misfit ray, an activity tracker, to help me be more active and, ofcourse, track my activities. After testing it for a month I’ll be reviewing it today with a simple pro’s and con’s list. Here it goes!

Misfit Ray review

The Misfit Ray is an activity tracker with a minimalistic design which. As you can see it doesn’t have a big screen, but has a small tube form. This way it’s supposed to blend well with an everyday outfit. Because Misfit made it possible to replace the wristband with a necklace, bracelet or other watchbands in different colors, I agree with that. Besides my bf mentioning I have a Robot bracelet on my wrist, most people don’t find it extremely notable.

It looks nice, but what does it do? The Ray tracks your sleep, steps, distances, calories and activities like swimming or cycling. Yes, it is water resistant (50m according to Misfit)! It notifies you when someone calls or texts (and more if you’d want to) and can function as a remote control for music, selfies or even lights by setting tapping patterns in the Link app. I like to go without extra stimulants from my smarthphone so I’ve noticed, so I mostly puy my phone on silent and decided to turn off the alerts from the Misfit and soley use it for tracking my activities. More zen that way!

The most important app though is the one that gives you insight in your activities during the day.
The app allows you to fill in your weight, length etc. but the main thing I liked is that you can set your activity goal: average, suggested or more, and then turns it into points. I mean who said fitness isn’t metal?

misfit ray metal

As you can see in these screenshots from the home page it tells you how many points you’ve already reached, with what activities and what you could still do to reach that goal. Everytime you refresh it, it will sync with your Misfit that is linked by Bluetooth. Nothing fancy, but super simple. A nice way to take that step extra to earn some points!


Tapping two times on the tube it can show you  as well how far you are from your goal:
– Red light: 0 – 25%
– Red, orange: 25 – 50 %
– Red, organge, green: 50 – 75%
– Red, orange, green, blue: 75 – 100%
– All repeating: 100%

Tapping it three times activates an activity of your choice. The app wil also show you where to wear it for the best data results.


The Pro’s and Con’s


  1. Design

The way I look at it Misfit did a great job making it’s design minimalistic. It doesn’t really stand out like a huge watch. I prefer not to wear big things around my wrists, because I’m not used to it and just don’t like the way it looks. But a small accesoire like this is just perfect. In this case the leather band goes well with most of my outfits. Maybe I can try a necklace some time!

  1. Point system

I don’t know about you, but I can be a bit competitive. I like getting results and being challenged. By keeping track how far away I am from my goal I find ways to earn those last points.

  1. Plug ‘n’ play

Using the Ray fort he first time is extremely easy. You put in the batteries. download the app and put on your Bluetooth. The Ray will vibrate and light up to let you know it’s on. The app will then take you through the short proces linking your device and setting your profile step by step. Nothing more, nothing less.

  1. Clear and user-friendly app

This feature is also a part of plug ‘n’ play if you ask me. The app definitely speaks or itself making it easy to handle and user-friendly for people who aren’t frequent smartphone or app users like the youngsters among us. I think even my mom would get it! Besides that it has funny and positive elements like highlights, streaks and achievements.

  1. Syncable with other apps

I really love this. I use MyFitnessPal everyday and everything I add shows up in the Misfit app and the other way around. For instance it sees my activity data like ‘steps’ and adds it to the calories I could still eat for today. Making sure I eat enough. (No worries though, I currently work in a cookie and cake store :’))

  1. No charging

Benefit is that you don’t have to charge it every day or week. The Ray works with 3 393 cell batteries so you won’t have to take it off. This way you’re able to track your sleep for instance.

  1. Water resistant

No, I must say I haven’t taken in for a swim yet and I don’t particularly shower with it, but it has survived doing the dishes and working with coffee and what not. I take it, it will last when I take a plunge.

  1. Personalising

You can personalize it in any way from design, to goals, to activities, to remote control, to notfications. You’re not stuck to one way of how it should work. Program it to what fits to your daily lifestyle.



Ofcourse there are also con’s to this product, but I must say it doesn’t way up yet to the pro’s for what I wear it every day.

  1. Automatic syncing

Unfortunately the app isn’t able to sync realtime. It’s not a huge disadvantage, but looking at userfriendly-ness it’s an extra step.

  1. Bluetooth

You’ll have to stay in reach of your phone or in this case Android will keep notifying you it’s looking for a device. Also if your Bluetooth doesn’t always work properly, so will your Misfit Ray. Phone battery? Yup, you kno wit.

  1. Recognition of activities

Too bad! The Ray doesn’t reconize if you’re running, cycling or just walking. It will view your activity as light or moderate. Tapping three times will start the activity you’ve set upfront, but having tried this with cycling I’m not convinced yet. If I stop at a stopsign and then cycle further the date will view moderate again instead of “cycling”.

  1. Leather band

The leather band I have looks nice, but the thing is that it is not very strong and I’m not sure how long it will last, especially if you would be a swimmer or exercise regularly. It will end up looking old very fast. I’d recommend Misfit to give a leather band as a silicone one as well for actual exercise. The Ray already costs around $99,- so an extra wristbrand would be great service for users.

  1. Blinking

I’m guessing it has to do with not finding my phone at times an being disconnected when I’m from my phone. It will show all colors repeating without having reached 100% and sometimes it won’t stop. I haven’t figured out yet what it means, but I do know It will drain my batteries it stays like that.

  1. Social?

The social community, which you can also find in the app, seems tob e very small. There is no reason for me yet to use this community. In no way I’ve found out what this community could do for me, what I could benefit from besides from seeing the points from other people. When it comes to the communities of Cassey Ho or Kayla Itsines it really means something: news, support, motivation, sharing and progress. This I can’t seem to find in the Misfit community.

       7. Battery

WIth normal use the battery should last 6 months. No way though that this is true. After 3 weeks I already had to change the set of batteries. Besides that Misfit doesn’t ship to The Netherlands so new cell batteries I buy here from a convenient store. But somehow having changed the batteries three times now with the same sort my Ray will only last for two days. Last resort is to order the exact same batteries somewhere online, otherwise I think there’s something wrong with my Misfit, which I really hope not, because it has costs me a good amount of money.

Final verdict

The Misfit Ray is perfect to keep track of your activity in general. It gives you nice information and options to do that bit extra to stay active enough. It is a great gadget for insights and light alternative of a smartwatch with a minimalistic design. Since it has no screen, hartrate monitor and no recognision of your activities I wouldn’t recommend using it for serious fitness.

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