The muslim girls & jewish girl

The idea that they have done something and that they did it together two muslim girls and a jewish girl engaged in a conversation. They were complete strangers who connected in 3 minutes on the public transport. I listened and smiled as I observed them, tired from my days of work.
They wrote ‘Muslim are love’ and if I’m correct ‘I love all religions (and I’m a Jew)’ in a big sketch book. They felt so strong about doing this together they even skipped the stop where they needed to get off. They rather continued doing something, even if it was something small. For them it was at least something, even if it would mean that it was just for themselves and not the entire world.
For them religion means love, so let them I’d say.
I hear people speak about a better world without religion. That’s BS, pardon my French. Its not the religion, it’s the people who act.
People without religion can behave just as wrong pointing to religion as the problem as two religious people pointing to one another as the problem.
Its not religion or difference in ideology that causes wars. Its the humans that do and are responsible for the ways they act. Be who you wanna be, but think about the consequences of your acts.
So please stop speaking about who we should or should not be, or should not have a place wherever. Try to understand what something means to the person in question.
You judge people by how they act,  and if they act out of love in their religion let them.

I’d almost say everybody should follow a communication course and learn how to live judgement free and not being led by overwelming emotions.  It’s the most human thing there is, but being consious about it could be so nice.
I thought that I was crazy struggling with that, but it’s common missing these skills. There’s no shame in that, just be eager to learn or do different. You’ll get used to it, you know. What are we so afraid of? I thought we all liked courage?
And it’s not weird a greater part of the humans don’t have these skills, ’cause we’ve never learned anywhere in history. Otherwise we would have been understanding beings by now, right?

Oh how hilarious. Im writing about what I think should happen. Just like we all think to know.
We’re human allright :’)
But I do take the time to understand all point of views instead of discard them.

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