The right incentives


Them legs, laaawwd. It’s been over more than a week that I last saw the walls on the INSIDE of the gym. After rethinking and observing what I need to be motivated it seems I’ve been looking for bigger things than needed. The things I need are easily noticeable and apparently small.

The last few days I’ve been experiencing a lot of stress around a lot of things. One of them being school and what comes with enrolling. Like that laptop my friend and I fixed? It decided to behave weird after all. Plus knowing I’ll have to wait until the 8th of december for approvel to reapply and more. I’m not there yet!
My greatest stress reliever has ever since last year been working out. So heres my first incentive. Go and get up, you need it.

Besides that back pains are clearly back. Sometimes even that bad they get me nauseous.
Physiotherapy and exercising helped me a lot to ditch this back pain before, so here is one again. Go and get up.

Another thing, I know and people find me a bit competitive at times. It’s close to my character to like to be challanged by someone else. Weird kind of proving myself. Oh, and we don’t even have to discuss food, thats just like religion :’)
So I ‘invented’ a litte game with point I play with my bf who happens to wanna keep on track too.


With every healthy meal, exercise or healthy choice we are allowed to give eachother points. Whenever the opposites happens and we give in to bad binge cravings for instance we can take them away just as simple like that.
Together we want to get to a certain amount of points, so someones bad behaviour influences both our results and therefore our rewards. So we better motivate eachother or experience ones wrath :’) The moment we reach goal we reward ourselves with something we really want for the two of us. Can be that bad snack or somewhere to go. Go and get up

Last but not least I received a lot of positive comments regarding my appearance on the photograph posted this sunday. You can say whatever you want, but it sure does feel good when people notice you feel good in your skin and it’s visible.

Being mindful served me once again. Sometimes I’m so busy I forget I have the skills I need.

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