The struggle is real! Time & Fatigue

Proud of myself! Finally went to the gym again, It has been too long!
Now that I’m working a lot more, started volunteering, doing a course and still want to work out, rest and do fun stuff I’m struggling to divide my time.
A friend and I actually had to take a look at our agenda’s and switched a lot of appointments to make some room for eachother.
I realized I even might be a bit too busy, but also knew that working out and eating healthy is are not the things I should cut out to get more time.
If there’s something that keeps you energized it’s taking good care of yourself and if there’s something I need during this busy, fun, but exhausting period it is energy.
Today I noticed that the bit of stress I endured this last week resulted in stiff muscles and it really hurt. Since it’s not the first time that this happens, I know now that I should not be eating easy (mostly unhealthy) meals to save time and not skip exercises to ‘spare’ my body. Exercise at moments like these is just what I need. It helps me to relieve any tension and strengthen my muscles, especially when it comes to back pains.
Now I’ve done a good 1,5 hour workout again I feel great! I also started experimenting again with food to give my body what it needs, but also make it what’s most important to me with food: YUMMIE <3

Oats & Strawberries for breakfast!



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