This is my fun face


I’m absolutely in the mood for cuddling today. Not sure if kitty here is up for it too, though!
After dinner I took some time to observe in what state I am now and I noticed I’m definitely tired. I’ve been working a lot and also all the excitement from yesterday’s intake is taking a lot of energy. My muscles feel sore, my legs heavy. I feel the tension in my belly and my head aches a bit.
So it’s time to take good care of myself!
More drinking and eating properly to avoid hunger, tiredness and therefore binging! More sleeping to avoid sensitivity to negative impulses, which in my case will lead to isolation, grumpiness (much like my little queen here) and guess what stress eating. NAH-AH! I’m on the right track and I’m determined to keep it that way (: tonight I’m recharging my battery to rise and shine tomorrow like a boss and visit the gym full of energy!
I’m curious how you guys take care of yourself (: what do you prefer to continue a positive flow?

Here are my tips:
1. Sleep enough. Not too long for it will make you feel more tired!
2. Exercise! It is known that people feel good after a workout, I can tell (:
3. Eat enough. Too little with get you hungry and tired, too much will probably make you feel guilty and won’t help you on the long term either.
4. Relieve yourself from any pains you might have. Go see a doctor if necessary. Struggling with diseases or any pains will get you frustrated and can be awfully tiring.
Now I’m writing this it reminds me to put on my glasses, because when I’m tired it’s hard to focus and I can get headaches more easily, which is of course frustrating and drains energy.

At all times just listen to what your body has to say, that’s why meditating is so useful to me. It helps me focus on my body besides clearing my thoughts!

Let me know what you do! I’m eager to try new things which might help in my daily routine or when rest is needed (:

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