’til you drop

So yesterday after work I visited Eendrachtfestival alone. I planned to see one band, but instead of leaving at 8 I left at 12, when I really felt I was tired. I got caught up in a conversation with complete strangers to me and somehow learned a lot about languages and politics, very interesting! I once again experienced what’s it’s like to just go out on my own and meet new people. It doesn’t just suit my goal on my bucket list; it’s always fascinating as well.

Today I cycled 26,8 km, shopped ’til I litteraly dropped and participated in a Krav Maga lesson from a friend. I’m happy I made some time in my busy schedule to do fun things. I should not underestimate how exhausting IMG_20150724_205236shopping is, though. No really, when I got home from shopping I fell asleep immediately, but it was worth it! I got myself new tights with Thumper on them from Bambi <3, one of my favorite Disney movies.  Aaaand I bought new high heels. I believe that’s a huge challenge to come, because I haven’t walked on heels for a very long time and these are new too. Ah well.. No pain, no gain, right? It’s also a new incentive to plan new workout moments. I mean if I want to keep wearing all those new clothes.. And I need some new energy for my next shopping spree, right? (:

In the afternoon, after my mid-day-shop-drop, I went to the park for my first lesson in Krav Maga, where my friend learned me ways to defend myself. I really liked it, bit afraid to hurt someone, but can’t say i didn’t like it when I did hihih. Besides, I love learning new things, so it’s worth repeating anyway!

There was obviously some (negative) energy to be released from last week, but the activities of today really helped. It was fun, but tomorrow has work for me in storage, so it’s time to say goodnight!

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