To choose or not to choose


Postponed some things this week. During the week I noticed I just had to clear my schedule for that’s what’s most important first: le body & le mind.
In a slightly different way than what I did the last weeks, meaning working out and eating healthy. Still do that, but chose to cut a bit back on the workouts this week.
It was time to recover! Migraines caught me for three days and I’ve been partially deaf, but those two things have been taken care of! To feel emotionally fine, the body has to be healthy too. It means less things to worry about (:


School has been more exhausting than I thought it would too. Guess I’m not really used anymore to sitting for hours in a building and be mentally exhausted by deadline stress :’)
Fortunately things have taken it’s course in a positive way and I’ve worked my ass off for it if I may say so myself! I experienced a lot of stress by issues, but it has played it’s part, leading to me trying to find and choose the most effective and efficient way to handle them. Either you can choose to be overwhelmed by them or you choose to make the next move yourself, even if you haven’t created the problem yourself. That’s where I could put my interpersonal skills to the test!
What I am actually trying to say is I worked my way into the entrepeneurs class/lab and gradually feel like I’ve landed in the right place: there where are more just like me, struggling to choose where they are exactly headed.
One of our first assignments was to sit down and talk with creators, in my case illustrators who have a brilliant way of thinking and creating, and help them out with their next move to bring people in contact with their work and maybe even look at how to make it profitable. I loved doing this. It’s not that I just tell them what I know, it’s a look into their world and connecting with eachother, learning from them as well in ways of communicating, but also on personal level.
Making choices has been a great theme since… ever :’) It’s one of the things I struggle most with. From the conversation I learned that whatever we choose is not fixed from the moment we choose. That’s just one of the many things we’re taught in our life. You’re born, you go to school, you find that job. It’s just not the story you have to make of your own life.
When it comes to making the choice to go on with what you do best (or study) one of the illustrator girls gave a great example. She works with illustrators every day and most of them feel like what they do is not special, so many around them do it. But if you take a step back and think about it they all have a unique way of thinking, but don’t see their value to the world, because they see themselves in comparison to that group that illustrates, while if you put them against another background, in another context or environment you realise that what they do is absolutely needed and beyond special. Like I said, I thought their way of thinking was brilliant from my perspective!
The collaboration here proved it’s worth. We both learned from eachother and saw the extraordinary in one’s skills, we couldn’t see looking just at ourselves.

Back to improving my thesis proposal now.. There are choices to be made! :’)



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