Twinkle twinkle, my eyes do

Ooooohh, so excited, so excited! I had some things to arrange for my trip to Australia, like a creditcard (in case needed and for my ETA) and the right insurances. It’s getting close <3 and everytime I’m focussed on it I get these butterflies in my tummy.
Some people tell me whenever I’m passionated about something or very excited like now they see me light up and twinkles in my eyes (as if I’m already there). I guess it looks something like this. I stopped for a moment IMG_20150706_221410with research for my travel to see the look on my face for myself. I find it hard to hide when I’m happy. Like today at work I was in stitches laughing for a moment because of something funny a colleague did and couldn’t help but to smile while helping a customer. It was that he knew it wasn’t about him, otherwise it would have looked so rude.


I also took a test for a certificate concerning serving alcohol in a responsible way so I can help out on a festival 2 days before I leave!
I’m already in september with my head ^^

So now it’s time for something I haven’t done in a while, watching series with my feline companion!
Suit up! It’s time for my favorites Harvey (hot, *cough), Donna the razor and Louis <3

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