Places to visit in Rotterdam – Flower Burger Rotterdam: fast, vegan, colorful!


I love traveling and I love burgers. Traveling abroad now happens to be a tougher challenge for a moment so there are two things to do:

  1. I’m introducing the burger race, where I’ll be searching for the best burger joints in Rotterdam with my brother. When I asked, he said (and I quote) “holy burgers, I hear my calling”
  2. No need to sob about on not traveling abroad. Get to know your own city even better and share it with those who’d like to visit like you’d be searching for blogs on visiting Australia or Thailand. Often times I think I know my hometown since I’ve been born and raised here, never left and worked quite some time in hospitality, waiting a lot. Truth is there are more hidden treasures and new ones popping up every day. And for goodness sake, am I not interested in food? Yes, I am! I now have a two weekly breakfast as well where I visit a new spot every time. It’s time to find Rotterdam’s gems and tell you all about places to visit in Rotterdam.

Flower Burger Rotterdam

First stop: Flower Burger Rotterdam. Now, this a new joint I discovered through my best friend and it has the best of the burger and vegan world, even more so if you like your food fast!


This franchise is from an Italian concept and has landed here now on Hoogstraat 107A for about three months. Since my brother is all about the juicy meat I kicked off my burger race with my best friend.

The concept

When you walk in and you have no idea what to look for: don’t worry. The lady at the counter is there to help and explain to you all you need to know. You can choose from 6 different 100% vegan and rainbow-colored burgers, which you can order separately or in a menu. When you choose a menu you’ll get a discount. We took the wedgies with a magic sauce. Mostly everything is homemade and the products they sell, such as their drinks all have a story!

How great is it to have access to Italian local brands and eat burgers with awesome colors and not feeling guilty? I know I do <3

So you order your dish, pay and get a beeper for when your dish is ready to pick up. You eat your belly full and ring back your plate and discard everything that’s left in the right bin. That’s right, they ask the customers to separate their trash!



Interior & atmosphere

When you enter the restaurant you’re blown away by the colors around you. You’ll find paintings on the ceiling and walls and funny texts like “Give peas a chance”. Yeah, thanks for that, I immediately had John Lennon’s song in my head and can’t get rid of it xD It reminds me of my own way of making people laugh when I worked at Koekela (not so vegan, but incredibly sweet). Bad puns. I love them! I could go on all day.


They’ve made sure it’s a happy place to be. Isn’t adulting more fun when you can eat from a swinging chair, read funny lines and look at a colorful ceiling?

On my menu

We both took the original Flower Burger with a patty made of Seitan and beans, tomatoes, Magik sauce and flower cheddar on a black bun. How metal and vegan you wanna be, right? I like it!

On the side, we had potato wedges with Magik sauce and a Mandarino Verde drink and a beer.

I love to have something different than just a coke or Ice Tea and trying more than just one drink is my tip to you! You’ll be amazed!



All together Flower Burger is not a place to hang around for too long. It does not have a public restroom and the concept feels, as it is intended to be: fast. It’s fast minus the unhealthy and tasty!

If you wanna go vegan and you wanna go fast, I say: Flower Burger Rotterdam

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