Wednesday break: a quick recap of my week

It feels like forever that I’ve taken a break to write about my week. I haven’t had the day off like I usually have when I write my wednesday break journal. I’m going through it quickly today, because tomorrow morning before work a gym session awaits me!

Say you love me

Such a beautiful song from Jessie Ware and the new song I picked to practise with during my vocal lessons.

If you have any song suggestions for me to try out and practise with hit me up!

Mo’s Wanderlist on Facebook

Last week I didn’t write a summary of my week, but decided to finally make a Facebook page for my blog. It’s another way for me to share articles from my blog, but also anything else I’d like to share with you. Besides that some reader find it easier to follow me on Facebook instead of Bloglovin, Instagram, WordPress reader or mail subscription. Either way, there are many way’s to follow Mo’s Wanderlist, so be sure to pick your favourites and subscribe (:

Complexity fest 2017

At Saturday’s I went to Complexity fest on which I’ll write an update next week. Happy to have been part of this seeing Humanity’s Last Breath again, colleague/friends and most of all seeing Transient State opening the festival this year!

At the same time they received a beautiful review (Dutch) from Amped Up of the album “Rearranged”, which they will officially release this Friday at Volta in Amsterdam, together with Hibakusha and Ghost Years!

Bucket list: wax my eyebrows

Ofcourse there’s no rest for the wicked, so I was happy when I looked at my agenda and saw another month had passed. This meant it was time for my monthly beauty treatment, huraaay!
Last time I loved my relaxing day so much I decided why not treat myself every month. And so I did.

Without even planning it I completed one of my Bucket List items: wax my eyebrows.
The beautician had probably seen my brows during the treatment and asked me if I wanted them fixed. When I told her I had never done that befoere she didn’t even believe me :’)
But seriously, that’s scary stuff! Once a hair is gone it doesn’t come back very soon. That’s why I haven’t tried it myself. Eyebrows are important!

I’m guessing you will all agree.


But, my beautician is a professional, so I said: “What the heck, let’s do it!”

Well look at that! Never been happier with my set of eyebrows! Check! Goodbye stray hairs <3

Misfit Ray

Also my Misfit Ray came in, as you can see on the photo above. This week I will be testing it out as part of my fitness challenge. I’m hoping to write my personal review on the activity tracker next week!



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