Wednesday break: Brain Stew, Yoga, Music, Vienna

Another week has passed. Time passes so quickly I didn’t even realize that I haven’t posted anything over the last days. It’s wednesday now, so that means it’s time for a break and check for myself what I’ve been busy with.

Dare to waste a moment

Rihanna can fill in what I’ve been up to most: work, work, work, work, work.

Besides that rejections were piling up this week and sometimes you just have a continuous flow of bad luck. And allthough I prefer Dori’s motto ‘just keep swimming’ at some points negative circumstances can become a bit too much. Seeing people move forward unconsciously gives you a feeling of not trying hard enough or being stuck. Like you’re hitting a wall and become blind to new ideas. Question that can nearly drive you out of your head: “What now?”, which means nothing more than what’s important to you and where do you start to accomplish that? Well if you’re not zoned out for a few days or years with this one you probably have your lifegoals clear! And honestly I can’t imagine you have.

Accepting the circumstances as they are may take some time and sometimes you have to do it over and over again, because some situations don’t change over night. To put it all in perspective I have to remember myself some things don’t have to be accomplished or changed over night. Luckily I have people around me who can help me remember any time of the day to keep on seeing the positive in every situation, take my moments, but not to linger in them for too long. No one knows how things should really be, so there’s no way to compare my path in life to any other. Not on career, love or any other level.

I think I’ll just keep swimming and see where the current will take me. Every thing passes, like my bf says and what I’ve learned before. I just have to remember I always got Jazz, even when I have the blues! Nothing I don’t already know.

Yoga – liscious

I found a great way to cope with tensions with fitness, but last friday Push and I tried out Yoga for a change and there we heard the most liberating words ever: “be aware, you don’t have to achieve or accomplish anything in this moment”. Namasté to you too!

Seriously the best way to relax is to allow yourself time in which you don’t have to achieve a thing. All of a sudden that 24/7 analysing brain or yours can think all it wants, but it’s not necessarry, so your thoughts can leave just as fast as they came in your head. Brilliant! Yoga pretty much feels like a guided awareness exercise in which you also strengthen and stretch your muscles.

Release party

Luckily in times of stress I always have my music close and I intend to keep it that way! After our Yoga session last Friday I moved on to Amsterdam for the release party of Transient State with Ghost Years and Hibakusha.
Each and every time music helps me to release my own tensions! Those who feel the same way know what I’m talking about!

I took my camera with me to practise and enjoyed the ambiance. After the party I realized once again that music can never leave my life and that I should keep doing whatever I love to do, even if it’s just for the moment.

At this moment I’m into online marketing and photography, tomorrow might be different. But who cares?



What I’m passionate about too is traveling. What better than combining traveling and music in a weekend away from daily routine? Thinking a lot about what’s really important to me this week I also came to the conclusion that I love traveling, but am putting it on the background, because there’s this weird believe in my head sometimes I have to get career and life together before I can do anything else.

Life isn’t easy as pie, is it? So much to think about.. But you don’t wanna think too much, cause it’ll make you crazy! Balance, balance.. I try to find it every day.

Anyway the drummer of Transient State was joking around about tagging along to Vienna this weekend and I thought: “You know what? Why not? I still have to stripe it of my bucket list, I can arrange it if I really want.. What’s stopping me from having fun and a weekend off?”
You know what? Nothing. Only I can decide not to go :’) I love going on spontaneous adventures. If someone asks me, I want to be able to go along!

So if you’re looking for me this weekend: I’m in Vienna! And I have one special person to thank for that. Always grateful for your support.


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