Wednesday break: movies, games and company

Zombie mode

An actual break! First free day in 5 and I’m so much into doing nothing I’ve actually been watching house renovation programms on tv. I don’t really watch tv. It makes me wanna rent a house and decorate it immediatly :’). Oh boy, do I miss that.
Sitting here doing nothing also made me think about the things I’ve done the last two weeks, since I wrote my last journal.

Work & Chill

Somehow I don’t remember much of what I’ve been doing besides work, but I do remember crying at P.S. I love you, falling asleep with Walking dead, laughing at Zootropolis, singing along with Jungle Book, listening to music, sweating with Pilates and making more healthy alternative dishes. Added some things to my bucket list.

Mindful Zombie

It seems I’ve been spending my time taking care of myself with relaxing after work, some occasional short workouts and good food. I haven’t been mindful about the things/activities I’ve done, but I have about other priorities. I’ve been more conscious about selfcare. Most important: rest. Looking back at it, not bad at all!

What I remember most

What I remember most beside the cold (winter is not done with us yet) are the ones who make me happy through busy weeks like this. Family ofcourse.. My best friend, Push, keeping track of my days and inviting me for dinner and Nathalie who unexpectedly dropped by at work and whom I did not wanna let go. They’re my company all day, everyday, when around or not (:.

Last but not least the handsome who takes me out to watch Assassin’s Creed and makes me competitive for tickets :’). Who throws in some extra candy when I’m obviously cranky. Not that it helps with choosing for better snacks, but it’s comforting anyway.

Things to come

Besides going out today I had my first singing class again and there’s no better break in the week than one with music! Two weeks from now I’ll be performing at a small ‘lounge room concert’ organized by my vocal coach. The entrance fee will be going to the Refugee Foundation, which makes me even more excited.

But that’s not all! This saturday I’ll be working with Transient State on a videoclip for their first album Rearranged, which will be release on March 3rd!

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