Wednesday break: Going more undisturbed, New music projects & a special giveaway

Ok! I’m going to try to put two weeks into this Wednesday break update without making it too long. I’ve been a busy bee if I say so myself :’) So I’ll only write down what I consider important enough.

Going my own way

In the last two weeks I’ve been trying to work more on my own challenges and doing my own things, meaning things I love doing. I’m still out here looking for a job, but now I’m shifting my focus away from it every no wand then to prevent overthinking. Downward spirals aren’t pleasant rides!

What matters too is that I have a lot of things to do that make me happy, so shifting my focus causes me to really enjoy those things more. When I feel down, normally there’s not much more room left to feel anything else. Not even the good things.

But now I’m in quite a positive flow, a positive streak! (I can hear myself think ‘how long will that last, heah?) I’m working out every week with two power girls, I’m going out for a bite or a drink once in a while with friends, planning more random trips and I’ve taken on a new music project. This month I went to Vienna, next month hopefully Glasgow, the month after that London and August will wait for me with Iceland. Also little birds whisper Spain is somewhere on my agenda?

All things to be proud of or happy with <3

I’m allowing myself more to enjoy the way I take on my life. Sometimes we forget that, but if you’re aware of it you can switch back or remember yourself any moment you need a change in attitude.

Music projects

Last Wednesday I didn’t have time to write an update on my week, because I attended a meeting for the friend club of alternative music venue Baroeg. We’re going into our second year now and I am curious how this year will turn out.

Besides that Transient State has released their second videoclip. This time for “Invocation”.

As from last Monday I also joined another team in support of another artist. I mostly work with something more heavy, but I love all kind of music and this time I’m putting in my effort for Indie folk act Willow Mae. All thanks to my vocal teacher Maria, who I happily visit every two weeks! Today she said she has seen how I’ve grown and made progress, but it wouldn’t have there without her help <3

Take a listen and I’d say stay tuned!

A special give away

Yes! I have a special give away, but sorry guys.. Not for you. In between all the rubbish and memories on our attic there are 54 stuffed animals my brother and I have received when we were younger. Okaaay, there are 64 stuffed animals, 10 of which I wanted to keep. Anyway I hope to make 54 or more children happy with these. That it may comfort them in difficult times and give them mate to play with.

I’m thinking of refugee children, sick children and orphanages. Any suggestions are most welcome. Please leave them in the comments so that we can really make some kids happy!

stuffed animal give away

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