When I was a young warthog

It was that kind of a day.. A ‘I’ve got to do something with my life, but I’m so lazy’ day. I postponed my workout and started my day with eating a croissant and stuffing a banana muffin in my face. BOEEH.
Yesterday it was so busy at work and I’ve been busy the whole week. I sensed I had no energy left. It’s ok, a day like this, it happens, but to prevent myself from getting bored and eating bonbon’s on my bed like a piggy or something, I tried to find relaxation in a different way. I put on my biggest and most comfortable sweater and went out for a walk.
There was no need to think of anything, just my feet taking me elsewhere step by step, just walking, giving my mind some rest.
When I got home I had some energy again to do something, I didn’t have the urge to plop on the couch!

Nope, nope, nope
Nope, nope, nope

There was no one home, so I put on some music and started to sing along, suddenly remembering me that learning how to sing properly is on my list!
I immediately downloaded a singing program and recorded some lessons and songs. AND OH MY GOD. I’m definitely rusty. It was so bad it made me laugh. My vocals in combination with my sweater and louzy hairday made I associated myself with Pumbaa.
So why I want to learn how sing? First of all it’s fun! I like singing and making music, always have. The last couple of years I haven’t spend any time on the making part, though, only working behind the scenes (which I love too!). Second, with it I can work on something else that’s also important for my career: presentation and volume, read confidence. I have this very soft voice which I hope to improve and learn to control with singing. Persuasiveness is an essential aspect and quality needed for the field I’d like to work in. Especially when I want to have my own business one day!
My first attempts were hilarious to me and it’s good to see how I can amuse myself even when I’m alone.
Last but not least I did workout! Not in the afternoon as planned, but in the evening. I had this massive amount of energy, caused by some anger I needed to park for a moment. Instead of going batshit crazy on a guy who made harassing remarks I used that power and energy to push a bit harder during my workout. Otherwise it would have just been useless anger towards someone who wasn’t even there anymore. Someone I probably won’t see anymore (I hope).

Time now to sleep on this.. Catapillow?

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