When the boys make fun of you


I was so happy I dragged my ass to the gym in this rainy weather tonight. So proud of myself I worked out!
And then..
Mo: *proudly sends picture to bf
I mean who doesn’t love someone telling you’re doing good, right??
Bf: *sends back a cropped picture zoomed in on my armpit, laughing his ass off.
As you can see I cut that bit off now myself, but if you’re wondering now why he was laughing that hard.. My armpit looked like a.. Vagina! FAIL
If it counts for anything, at least I didn’t post my vagina-armpit on my blog without noticing ?

As if that wasn’t enough my brother (ofcourse) couldn’t stick with me. He laughed at me and later on took a photo in the most flattering way. Talking about the need of the bigger picture ?!


He came up with this caption: if you ever wonder how to poop in Indonesia, now you know!

Thanks, boys, I love you too x

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