When the dust settles

Breaking men is not what I do. If anything I’m the one to build people up, but sometimes.. Sometimes you have to. I had to since I no longer leave myself out of the equation and I’ve never been one to lie or hurt more than need to. Writing this, tears well up in my eyes now I’m finally out of survival mode and have time to feel what is really going on inside. The dust has settled and I have to make room to feel what’s there to eventually let it go. I realise this journey had to cross my path, but is not one to hold on to since I’m paving so many paths to become the best version of myself. It takes all of your strenght, especially when you’re not used to putting yourself first, to break a man and let him go. It was a decision of the wise mind. Not a cold one of reason, not one out of impulse.
All I can be is grateful and have faith you’ll put back the pieces I shattered.  The dust will settle and your road too will be clear.

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