Why heroism isn’t simple

Today, the 4th of may, I couldn’t help but to think of this one person I recently spoke with. The 4th of may is our Remembrance Day for the Dutch victims of war. The emphasis lies on historical events such as World War II, which ofcourse should not be forgotten, but I wonder what it could do for recent and current topics. The horrors haven’t left the world, still affecting countless of people, making this person my thoughts were with choose to face some of these so, I quote, other people hopefully never have to see of do anything like it in their lifetime. 
I still can’t decide whether I’m all for or against people going off to war. It’s the motivation of keeping someone safe I get and standing up for those who can’t. But it’s assuming and believing a few men are making ‘the right call’ for those who care so much that I can’t get a grip on. It’s those who are not ‘playing’ the wars who get hurt in the end on all kinds of levels, isn’t it? And when it’s played it doesn’t show us who has been right, but only who’s left (Betrand Russel).
When it comes to good or bad there is just not one truth and I think I would never follow anyone claiming they know it, no one who is that certain. There are so many sides, all of them with a different perception from the point they’re standing. That’s the thing, right? Nothing is only wrong or only right, nothing is just black or white. Can I ask you if it’s not just wise to be full of doubts? To drift of: is it not wise to think in a unity, consisting of all contradictions, instead of thinking in polarities that make it clear to us, because we tend to create in chaos, in that what we are not used to (do).

And to you, my friend, who gave me food for thought today: that you care so deeply makes you a beautiful person to me.

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