Why Pilates is my newest challenge

I’m back in ‘fitland’ and this time with Pilates! It’s been a quiet week on my blog unfortunately. I had a lot of fuzz going on, but nothing a soul can’t bear. Just some typical stress and bad luck. You know.. Getting stuck between doors, food falling on the ground (the pain!) and fatigue. Long live vitamin D & B-complex cures! Boy, do I miss the sun.. Winter is not for me. I tend to get fat and sleep a lot :’)
Still with all the stress and with holidays coming up, there’s no reason to procrastinate working out. Actually, two years ago I started to fitness the day after Christmas and lost around 20 kilograms. Sadly fitness, or maybe just my gym, has started to bore me! I’ve been looking for a while now for a new activity and Pilates has caught my interest.

So as the title suggests I think I’ve found my new love, Pilates. But why?

Zen time

First of all when you’re stressed out Pilates can really help you out. There’s no time for thinking! Just breathing and focussing on that belly button, yeah! It’s perfect for me. Especially when my thoughts turn into a bowl of tied up spaghetti or become some brainsoup. In light of mindfulness, exercising with attention or looking for distraction, Pilates turned out to be quite helpfull to me.

And it’s quite relaxing. No running around, just lying on the floor, but still working hard! Perfect for lazy Mo’s who need a break after a day’s work! You can say what you want, but my legs and abs are on fire everytime :’)

Attention fort he body and mind it is!

The comfort of home

All I need is my ugly pink mat and my own bodyweight! No smelly gyms, not looking for free space, no fitness machines around you.. Just struggling like I struggle in a cosy warm house. No need to leave it, no pushing myself into the cold. Believe me sometimes it’s hard to overcome that doorstep! I’m a monster in pyjama’s..


Pilates and posture

It helps you work on your posture, because you’re training your core muscles. Since I have a lot of backpains it’s wise to do exercises that improve your posture. For me that’s daily.



Last, I’m now following Cassey Ho and she’s the brightest and happiest online instructor I’ve ever seen. I did Kayla itsines HIIT trainings from a book, which were great, but following whatever Cassey does with the energy she does it, I believe it’s not going to bore me any time soon!

Right now I’m doing the beginners challenge of 4 weeks, after which I’ll proceed with the monthly calendars. I’ll try to keep you up to date about my progress!

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