Wings for the mind

Music gives soul to the universe, wings for the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. – Plato

Today was all about that base, music. Ok, a bit’s work related, but still..
So I had that intake I told you about a while ago and I’m officially a volunteer for the venue Baroeg in Rotterdam now! When I joined the online group today the welcome felt like a warm bath! Everyone’s happy to meet and motivated to work there. I haven’t even begun yet and the spirit’s already high. All what a bit of positivity can do for an individual, I love it! It’s something I experience a lot with volunteers at events. They are there, because they want to be and enjoy every aspect of the work that needs to be done, just because of their love for music(events). I think it was a good choice to apply!
After my intake here was a little prep moment for the Buma Rocks! conference and the Fortarock festival next week. I’m excited to go! The conference in particular can bring me some inspiration for my thesis when I head back to school to graduate in January. It’s feels so close already, it actually does scare me a little. Got to keep in mind that’s something normal. It helps me remember to be alert and to make enough progress before it’s already January.
I do not have to stay in the future with my mind, though. If I would I’d become the anxiety and forget the here and now. It may come closer, but it’s not here yet. There’s still some time in between I need to enjoy Australia for example, the concerts, trips, bucket list activities and suchlike.20150529_170559 (1)
To ease my thoughts again I made ‘dinner’ with my brother and tried out some new vocal lessons with him (on which I’m working for my list).
Focussing on these things, with both doing one thing at a time, got me back in the present.
The evening I spent with friends at a rehearsal, making me realize I miss working with a band at the moment, that I really enjoyed my time with Dynamic Solution. Luckily new opportunities seem to be on the way. I’m not just hoping, but trying to make that happen. I believe I’m responsible for my own luck by the way I handle whatever’s crossing my path.
So music is and has been a great part of my life. Now maybe more than ever. I watch it bring people together, how it makes them feel, where it brings me and how it makes me feel. It’s a passion and it’s a tool.
It can evoke emotions, make you understand and it can give you the possibility to focus wherever you are if you have it with you, just as with your breathing. You can dissappear in it or you can observe it. There’s just no way of doing it wrong.

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