With lists come lists

lidow_20151122233546381.jpgSo, besides celebrating my little brother his birthday in my mom’s awesome oldschool blouse and eating loads of food (my God, things are going down, I need to find out what I need to get back on track and why I keep failing my ‘I’m gonna… ‘ plans) I’ve been working down my list. With every list comes another list, that needs another list. My friend even noticed I’m really a ‘list person’. Hmmm, instead of making more lists last couple of days I decided it is about time to really DO things I wrote on lists and stop making them (sounds like I’ve found the solution to my fitness and snack problem just now :0, just DO maybe?).
When it comes to resuming my studies I wrote the letter for the Executive Board of my school with the request for re-enrollment. Fingers crossed they approve it! Also my best friend helped me out with clean up and reinstalling my laptop, which I really needed to be done if I don’t want to drive myself crazy while writing my thesis. MANY, MANY THANKS <3
The remaining time up until now after work I spend on a volunteer project.
I must say I’m not used to do this anymore. My break year has made me sliiiightly undisciplined. OOPS :$



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