Yolology according to yolologists Yinling & Co

Thank you, Yinling, for this beautiful brainfart words. The psychology of you only live once was a very important theme today. With two other friends we talked a lot about graduating, traveling, work and doing in life what you love to do and why that’s so important. We all agreed that succes is different for everybody and means you don’t have to live your life perfectly by the rules or as is expected from (influental) others, as long as your life is succesful (read: satisfying) to you. You can make things work if you really want it. No one should make you think otherwise.

So all we want to do is live our lives to the fullest, not? To continue in that ethos.. Guess where we hung out today? At amusement park De Efteling! Enjoying ourselves as if we have never grown up, eating ice cream, walking in the sun, screaming loudly in attractions and eating Surinam food for life!

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